10 Things to Do in New Orleans

If there is one city in the Deep South that everyone needs to visit, it’s New Orleans! It’s amazing – from the food, the people, the sights, the amazing French Quarter, the jazz, the nightlife – there is so much to love.

The hardest thing with planning a vacation to New Orleans is to decide what to do out of all the things available. I hope that this list will help!

French Quarter
French Quarter

1. Take a Stroll around the French Quarter

The French Quarter needs no introduction and it’s even nicer than you imagine. There is nothing like walking around this slice of history and it’s the first thing you should set out to do.

2. Go to the Louisiana State Museum at Presbytere

While walking around the French Quarter, stop off here. You can learn about the history of the area and there are some moving exhibits dedicated to Hurricane Katrina.

3. Have a swing at Audubon Park Golf Course

Golfers will love this awesome golf course. It’s one of the best in the New Orleans and with plenty of open space, it’s a great chance to get outdoors. Note: you will need your own equipment. You can find some of the best golf cart, golf rangefinders, bags and other reviews at golfrangefinderspro.com.

4. Walk around the Treme

New Orleans has more to offer than just the French Quarter. Make sure you also take the time to stroll around this historic neighborhood and pay a visit to the Backstreet Cultural Museum where you can learn about the African American customs of the city and see some amazing Mardi Gras Indian suits.

5. Louis Armstrong Park

In the Treme, you will also find the Louis Armstrong Park – the home of jazz! Come hang out here for awhile and take in the experience.


6. Take a street car through the American/Garden District

See how the other half live with a street car journey through this district. There are massive amazing homes and lovely tree lined streets to take in.

7. Take the Canal Street Ferry

To get great views of New Orleans take the Canal street ferry across to the other side of the Mississippi. It’s cheap and easy to take it back and forth.

8. Eat a po’boy and some beignets

These foods are famous and for good reason – they are delicious! Make sure you set some time aside to really enjoy the local cuisine.

9. Have some downtime at City Park

Take a street car out to City Park, take a stroll to the Sculpture Park and then relax! This is also a good stop if you have kids in tow.

10. Have a Drink on Bourbon Street

Yes it’s slightly tacky, but Bourbon Street is famous and there’s something very cool about having a drink here. Besides, after all the other sight seeing you’ve been doing, you’ve earned it!

What’s your favorite things to do in New Orleans?

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