Best Places in the Deep South with Kids

The Deep South is not just a great place with adults – it’s fabulous with kids too! Below if our best places to visit with kids if you find yourself in the Deep South…

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach

South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach is in the middle of a beautiful 60 mile stretch of coastline. There are plenty of activities here for families to enjoy and accommodation for all budgets including many with pools and waterslides.

The mile long promenade at the beach front has a Carnival like atmosphere and the area is known for it’s body surfing. A short drive away are amusement and theme parks.

It’s best to visit here in the summer months although be aware that this is also a very popular time to visit.

New Orleans

French Quarter
French Quarter

New Orleans is a top favorite for many reasons – this city is just unlike no other.

At first thought, you might be wondering if New Orleans is suitable for kids as you imagine swilling back a drink on Bourbon Street. Rest assured that it is! There are some great attractions in New Orleans for kids such as a zoo, children’s museum and City Park. The kids are also likely to love walking around the French Quarter and exploring New Orleans as much as the adults.

New Orleans is a great all year round destination.


Rock City
Rock City

Chattanooga is a pretty city with some great reasons to visit with kids – there’s lots for them to do here!

Chattanooga is home to a great aquarium, children’s museum and Coolidge Park. ┬áMake sure you go underground and explore Ruby Falls, the 145 foot waterfall.

It would also be criminal to visit Chattanooga and not explore the great outdoors. Head for the incline railway, Rock City and the Tennessee Riverpark.

Chattanooga is worth a visit at any time of year but it is best to avoid winter if you want to get out in the great outdoors.

Panama City

panama city

Panama City is another fun family destination. For families who love visiting the beach, this spot is perfect, but there’s also other reasons to love visiting here.

There are the usual family favorite activities like go karting and mini golf. In addition, you can go on a pirate cruise, swim with dolphins or go to the wacky Wonderworks (an upside down house!). There’s also an amusement park and water park if you get tired of the beach.

May and September are great times to visit here when the weather is still warm but it’s not as crowded as summer.


The king of places to visit in America with kids is Orlando – your family is sure to love a visit here.

There is the famous Disney World park with myriad amusement parks, water parks and attractions. Outside Disney World there is a huge array of other parks such as Universal Studios, Legoland and Sea World. While not zooming around on rides, there’s downtown Orlando and many more low key attractions. You can also consider a short drive to the coast to visit the Kennedy Space Center or relax on a beach.

This area can be super busy during vacation periods, so visit outside of these if you can.

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What’s your favorite place in the Deep South?

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