Visiting Disney World with Kids

Disney World is perhaps on every family’s list of dream vacations. For many parents, especially those with very young children, a trip to the magic kingdom can be a stressful and daunting prospect. Many try to delay their visit until their children are a bit older so they can better enjoy or even remember their trip. However, there are benefits of traveling even with very young children, and a trip to Disney World at any age should always be a magical experience.

magic kingdom disney world
The magical Magic Kingdom

Plan ahead and do your research

Any time is always a good time to visit Disney, but some times are always better than others. If you can, avoid peak seasons like holidays and school vacations. While Disney World may have shorter park hours during off-peak times, the smaller crowds allow you to see and enjoy the park even better than the peak times. Don’t forget to do your research and scout around online for off-season promos and special tour packages.

Planning ahead can also help you better decide whether to stay in a Disney Hotel or choose outside accommodations. Weigh your options well, as staying in a hotel on the property can have its advantages that can more than make up for the added cost. Staying inside the property gives you an early head start on exploring the park, no need to join the opening lines. For those with very young children, an onsite hotel gives you the advantage of having your rooms a short distance away, easily being able to take a rest or nap, especially during the hot midday hours. This could be very important to avert meltdowns from your over stimulated little ones.

Have a stroller

Whether you choose to rent Disney strollers or rent from an outside company or even bring your own, have a stroller on hand. A stroller allows you your own quick resting spot, a place to put all your stuff in, a convenient way to whiz the kids around and of course a stroller saves you having to carry exhausted kids and other stuff back to your hotel. Find out what best suits your needs and plan accordingly.  There are lots of stroller “parking areas” within the park for when you go on attractions.

Bring what you can

Bringing your own food can save you a lot of cash instead of buying in the park. Especially if you have young kids, bringing a stash of their favorite snacks is a good way to make sure your kids are nourished, without having to break the bank. Save your Disney dining for the character meals and a Mickey ice cream as an end of the day treat. Bring your own water bottle too! Save yourself having to buy expensive water by using your own bottle and filling up at the water fountains found all around the park.

Remember to have fun

No matter how old your kids are, remember that the whole point of visiting Disney World is to have fun. Even if you have a pre-planned itinerary, don’t force yourself to stick to it to the letter. Learn to adjust to situations as they crop up and let the children take the lead. No need to rush through all the rides, instead choose the ones that best suit your child’s mood and temperament. Snap a photo or two for posterity and enjoy your stay.

Visiting Disney World with your kids can perhaps be one of the most memorable things you can do as a family. So don’t stress, do your leg work and look forward to a memorable time at the magic kingdom.

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