Visiting Graceland

Graceland was the home of the infamous Elvis Presley. Rich in history, this location is a must-visit on your trip through Memphis, Tennessee.

Here’s why you should consider stopping in for a visit.

The American Dream

The home of Elvis Presley!

Graceland is more than just a house. It is a symbol of the possibilities available in America.

When Elvis was young, he was poor. His parents struggled to pay the bills, and he recognized how hard they worked to give him opportunities they never had. He promised them that one day, he would buy them the biggest house in town.

Graceland is the result of his promise. Fans look to Elvis not only for his music, but also his ability to truly create the life he desired for himself and his family. They look to Elvis not only as a singer, but also as a role model for all areas of life.

In-depth tours and showings

Take a tour of Graceland to learn about the history behind the King’s mansion. On this kid-friendly tour you will visit all the main rooms of the house, getting a feel for the lifestyle Elvis enjoyed. In the Graceland Archives, see some of the most antique artifacts from the house and learn the history behind them.

Take a peak into one of Elvis’s favorite rooms; The Jungle Room! With an exotic look this space was built to remind Elvis of Hawaii, one of his favorite places to vacation and tour.

Next, visit the impressive Trophy Building. See not only Elvis’s vast collection of gold and platinum records, but also his movies and the result of his charitable outreach. As a last stop on the tour, visit the Meditation Garden, where Elvis and his family are buried. Join millions of fans who have come to pay their final respects to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Bring a memory home with you from the gift shop!

Load up on your Elvis gear before leaving! Whether you want an Elvis shirt, mug, or even sunglasses, it is all available here for you to choose from. Special house décor is available, or you can pick up some CD’s and play some tunes all the way home!

Want to relive the story some evening in the future? Buy an educational DVD and learn even more about Elvis and his rise to fame.

Your kids will love the Elvis themed toys available for purchase. Teddy bears in leather jackets, games, puzzles, and more are all here to delight and entertain!

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