Why Visit the Deep South?

So you’re planning a vacation and considering the Deep South but wondering exactly why you should visit this region of the US?

Let me convince you!

There are many reasons to visit the amazing Deep South. Here are some of my favorites…

new orleans

1. The People

Southerners aren’t renowned for their hospitality for nothing. You will find the people in this part of the world to be welcoming, friendly and happy to help! From helping you with directions if you look lost to ensuring you find the best BBQ grill in town, Southerners will ensure you have a vacation to remember. Read our article about Southern hospitality here.

2. The Food

Southern food is also famous for good reason. Nothing beats a good old Southern BBQ and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From the famous New Orleans po’boys to the best lemon icebox pies, you will not only never go hungry in the Deep South but never be without something delicious to eat!

3. The Beaches

florida beach

Many people visit the Deep South for the beaches alone. There are just so many stunning beaches for your family vacation. From the popular Florida southern beaches to the Gulf Coast to everywhere inbetween, it is not difficult to find a great beach area which is perfect for a family vacation.

Read more in our Virginia Beach article.

4. The History

The Deep South is packed full of history. It can feel like you are walking back in time when strolling through Charleston or New Orleans’ French Quarter, not to mention places like St Augustine. There’s also many civil war sites like the battlegrounds in Vicksburg.

5. The National Parks

The Deep South is home to many of America’s most popular national parks and there are many you should try to squeeze into a Deep South vacation. There are many fun activities to enjoy in the wild like alligator spotting in the Everglades or Louisiana Bayou.

This is just my top 5 reasons. There are many more reasons why you should want to visit the Deep South! Are you ready to book?

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