FAQ: What is the Best Stroller to Take to the Deep South?

After parents decide what to take on a Deep South trip, the next question is which is the best stroller.  The myriad of options can be confusing to parents, especially if they haven’t traveled to the Deep South before and unsure of what the facilities are like. Here are our recommendations…

best umbrella stroller in the deep south

Umbrella Strollers

Definitely bring an umbrella stroller. Whether you are flying or driving down, an umbrella stroller is compact and easy to take up and down hotel stairs. Unless you are planning on going hiking with your stroller, then an all terrain stroller is unnecessary.

There are many great options that would be suitable for the Deep South. The Baby Jogger City Select is very popular, but any lightweight umbrella stroller will do the job. If you do not already own one, check out these reviews of the best umbrella strollers to help you decide.

Double Strollers

If you have two kids, a lightweight side by side double stroller is the best choice. Again, you want one that takes up limited room and is not too heavy to carry up and down stairs. Most side by side strollers have no problems fitting through doorways in the Deep South, so this is not a concern. The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is a good choice or check out some more of the best side by side double strollers.

Stroller Alternatives?

If you hate the idea of bringing your own stroller to the Deep South, they are often available at the big theme parks. Places like Disney World allow you to hire them. Bigger cities will also have companies that will hire them to you.

Another alternative is to use a baby wrap. A baby wrap is a great way to carry around your baby so you can have your hands free to do other things while your baby feels safe and secure. It has the added benefit of being small and lightweight so it fits easily in your luggage. There are many great wrap options and they are quite economical as well.

So the answer to the best stroller to take around the Deep South? Whatever option most appeals to you, but keep it lightweight so that it fits in your trunk or on the plane and is not too difficult for you to carry around.

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